Modern Content: AI Writing Tools for Better Content

Artificial intelligence – AI – is a branch of computer science that enables machines and computers to solve problems and design materials. AI is all around us, from Google Maps to Amazon Alexa. And now, AI has entered the content creation space. AI writing tools make your writing clearer, faster and more data-driven for better […]

Expert Insight: Do Marketing KPIs Really Matter for Your Business?

KPIs, or key performance indicators, are performance measurements. KPIs provide a clear goal, which is essential for developing a strategic plan. Common marketing KPIs include website traffic, conversion rates and campaign ROI. Identifying and tracking marketing KPIs is vital for your business. Why? Consider this goal: Increase website traffic. With a vague goal like this, […]

Get Noticed & Grow Your Brand: Using Social Media for Small Business

Social media is a vital part of modern life. From connecting with friends, to organizing an event, to volunteering for a community function, social media allows us to stay connected with the people and places that matter most. Because of this, social media is an invaluable marketing tool for small businesses looking to grow a […]

Rank Higher With Local SEO: Google Business Profile Best Practices

business local listings: google business profile, apple listing, bing listing

Because the internet is expanding so quickly, businesses should be as active as they can through their Google My Business (GMB) profiles in order to boost SEO, improve engagement, and rank higher on Google searches. Coming from a digital marketing agency, the more involved you are online, the more reliable your company seems to be. […]

Designing a Website: The Benefits of WordPress

Front-end builders like Wix and Weebly make it easy to build an entire website. You don’t have to know coding or programming to get a site running quickly. But an easy build on the front end isn’t always a good thing. As the region’s experts in content, media and searchability, Duneland Media broke down the […]

The Power of SEO for Small Businesses

Power of Seo

Businesses and consumers are immersed in a new age of technology. Almost everything we do can be done digitally. This way of the digital world is convenient for all users, and now almost necessary for small local businesses to stay connected with their customers. Small businesses already have to compete with big corporations, and that […]