Modern Content: AI Writing Tools for Better Content

Artificial intelligence – AI – is a branch of computer science that enables machines and computers to solve problems and design materials. AI is all around us, from Google Maps to Amazon Alexa. And now, AI has entered the content creation space. AI writing tools make your writing clearer, faster and more data-driven for better […]

Expert Insight: Do Marketing KPIs Really Matter for Your Business?

KPIs, or key performance indicators, are performance measurements. KPIs provide a clear goal, which is essential for developing a strategic plan. Common marketing KPIs include website traffic, conversion rates and campaign ROI. Identifying and tracking marketing KPIs is vital for your business. Why? Consider this goal: Increase website traffic. With a vague goal like this, […]

Top 5 Industries Using Drones to Expand

Drones have been making their way into commercial markets for several years now, yet they are still an underutilized piece of technology that can elevate businesses large and small. UAV technology has made it easier for businesses to capture images, video and data in ways only the largest corporations could do in the past. While […]

Duneland Media’s Backstory: How Your Local Digital Marketing Agency Came To Be

collage of our logo, colors, and images of the team at work

a full-service digital marketing agency in La Porte, Indiana. Founded more than seven years ago, Duneland Media has seen tremendous growth – from its start in a basement (or two) to a thriving downtown La Porte office. Now home to 10 full-time team members, DM is positioned for a killer 2022. To begin the new year, let’s look back at how this agency got its start, and its name.

The Power of SEO for Small Businesses

Power of Seo

Businesses and consumers are immersed in a new age of technology. Almost everything we do can be done digitally. This way of the digital world is convenient for all users, and now almost necessary for small local businesses to stay connected with their customers. Small businesses already have to compete with big corporations, and that […]