Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing uses the internet and other online-based technologies to promote products and services. Websites, social media platforms, search engine ads and more fit under the category of digital marketing. Anything you do online to promote your brand is digital marketing! Duneland Media offers a huge variety of digital marketing services, including website design and hosting; logo design; SEO, SEM and social media marketing; custom video production and more.

2. What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is any work you do to your website to rank higher 

on search engine results. SEO can range from on-page work (adding content, like
additional website pages or monthly blogs) to behind-the-scenes, technical changes
(updating your site’s meta tags, for example). The goal of all SEO is to improve your site
so more people find and visit it!

3. Why should I invest in SEO?

SEO increases both the quality and the quantity of traffic to your website. More traffic
means more brand exposure, more conversions and more sales!
SEO is the practice of increasing non-paid or organic search engine results. This is key
because the majority of online traffic is driven by search engines. If you invest in paid
digital advertising, SEO should come hand-in-hand as a key part of your digital
marketing strategy. If you don’t dedicate resources to optimizing your site’s content, rankability and relevance, you’re likely missing out on a significant amount of traffic your business should be generating.

4. Does my business need an updated website?

Without seeing your current website, this is a tricky question to answer. However, if it’s
been more than 5 years since you’ve had your website updated, the answer is likely yes.
Because most of Google’s searches are done on mobile devices (an average 60%, in
fact!) websites today need to be optimized for mobile. Adding custom video,
e-commerce functionality, designing a fresh logo and more are all capabilities Duneland
Media can provide via our website design services. If you’re thinking it’s time to update
your website, it probably is. Give us a call and we’ll get to work on a user-friendly,
impactful website today!

5. Am I locked into an annual digital marketing contract?

With some digital marketing agencies, yes, but not with Duneland Media! We operate on a month-to-month marketing basis which allows us to customize marketing plans for each of our clients’ needs. Rather than being locked into a yearly marketing plan, consider Duneland Media’s ongoing strategy. We monitor ad performance, social media engagement, your goals and your budget and adapt as needed.

6. How can I create a new logo for my business?

Duneland Media offers custom logo and branding design services. We consult with you
regarding your style and your business’s unique services and products and then our
design team creates several logo mock-ups for you to review. Our collaborative
Approach allows us to take your feedback and fine-tune the design until we create a
compelling, memorable logo you love!

We're Always Here To Help.

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Based on our findings and your goals, we’ll propose a customized, comprehensive marketing strategy.


Then, we’ll get to work so you can start seeing results!

We know that each business is unique, and our custom marketing solutions reflect that. You can trust Duneland Media to help you build an effective online presence that will work for you!

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