Kickstart Your Marketing: Expert Drone Photo and Video Services

You tell a visual story when you market your business or organization with photos and videos. But most of the companies around you are telling similar stories. Aerial footage is a way to differentiate your business. Duneland Media’s experts have experience creating drone photography and videography and are excited to tackle your business’s needs. 

Get Beautiful Drone Footage With Our Straightforward Process

Duneland Media makes it easy to get the aerial footage your business needs. Our process is simple: Once we connect, we’ll meet with your team to understand your needs better. Then, our expert videography team will visit your business and service area to gather drone footage. Finally, our team will edit the footage and provide the necessary assets for your business. So whether you need promotional videos with aerial views or stills from above, Duneland Media’s drone services can help!

Give Customers A Better Understanding Of Your Business

Drone footage gives your customers a better understanding of your business and services. It can showcase the scale of your operation, the locations you serve and the goods you provide. It also provides more dynamic visuals that separate your business from the others. Some sectors that benefit from drone footage include:

  • Real estate. Show off all the best angles of the home you hope to sell! Whether you want to sell independently or work for a real estate agency, drone footage is essential. You can even highlight the sprawling landscape and property as we did here.  
  • Local government. As small towns strive to attract new residents and visitors, aerial footage helps paint the picture. For example, a shot of the lake or courthouse from above makes a difference for many prospective visitors. Check out our drone videography work for Michigan City
  • Contractors. Roofing businesses, construction companies and other contractors have much to show their customers. Drone photography and videography capture these large projects from a new angle, as we did for RL Roofing
  • Economic developments. Economic developments and similar coalitions strive to improve their communities. Featuring those communities dynamically and interestingly is easier with drone photography and videography. See how we’ve done this for the La Porte Economic Advancement Partnership

Schedule Your Consultation for Drone Work Today

Duneland Media’s videography team is skilled in various types of drones, including the DJI Air 2S and DJI Mini 3 Pro. First, we want to understand your business needs, and then we’ll deliver the photos and videos to make your goals happen. Contact us to schedule your consultation today!