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Social media platforms are social networking sites that allow for sharing updates, photos, hosting or joining events and a variety of other activities. Duneland Media has the tools you need to maintain a strong social media presence for your business. With our expertise in marketing techniques and social media outlets, we provide the opportunity to boost your business’s brand awareness across various social media channels. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn — you name it, we can do it.

Our main goal with social media marketing is to increase your company’s traffic and garner more attention for your products and services. Once we establish your goals, style, and desired frequency of posting, the integration is effortless for you. Duneland Media’s social media experts handle all of the content creation and posting so you can focus on the business aspects of your company.

Stay Connected With Your Audience

We know how important it is for a business to keep in touch with their market, and our social media marketing techniques are proven to do so. We view these platforms as major outlets of information to your consumers. In fact, nearly 70% of adults go to social media for news updates. The team at Duneland Media is here to help your business take advantage of this rapidly growing marketing platform. We optimize brand awareness via social media with a strategy of communication, goal creation, consumer demographics research, engagement strategy planning and content creation.

Duneland Media’s Social Media Marketing Strategies

Creating Goals

With our clients’ input, we create goals like increasing brand awareness, creating and growing a following and generating valuable, relevant content. The methodology for each of these goals keeps consumers coming back for more.

Identifying Customers

We identify the customer demographics of each social media site for your area and niche and then figure out the best ways to communicate to that market. Through this process, we help you reach the greatest number of current and potential customers.

Establishing Engagement Strategies

Our goal is to find the most effective way to create customer involvement within your sites to build a follower relationship with your business’s page. We focus on the interaction of your market and work to build upon that interaction daily. We also use Facebook Ads to increase traffic to your site, build engagement and create conversions (email list sign-ups, e-commerce sales, etc.). Facebook Ads are very impactful for local businesses and allow us to target niche audiences, find consumers who behave similarly to your customers and spread awareness of your brand.

Building and Creating Content

When it comes to generating content, we find what is trending within the various social media sites and create posts that will garner you the greatest number of impressions and engagements (likes, comments and shares). Our team of professionals is proficient in the various social media platforms and we’re always learning to stay up-to-date with trends

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