Successful Live Stream

Find Success With Live Streaming in Your Business

Why Live Stream?

Streamed media is taking the world by storm, as more and more people consume video-on-demand content. In fact, worldwide, the video streaming market, currently worth $60 billion, is expected to be worth $95 billion by 2026.  

Live streaming, video that is simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real time, is becoming more prevalent as well, and for businesses, capitalizing on this trend could lead to new success, as the public shows a growing appetite for live video content. Whether you’re looking to showcase live interviews or present an offline event, live streaming can give your audience the content they crave. 

According to New York Magazine, 80% of audiences would rather watch live videos from a brand than read a blog post.

In fact, live video also tends to outperform video-on-demand content in engagement metrics.

Businesses are now finding more use for live streaming in the aftermath of COVID-19. With many companies modifying their operations, by having employees work from home and offering contactless services, live streaming is gaining prevalence. Events that were once held in-person can now be live streamed to help keep participants and would-be attendees safe. 

In other functions, live streaming allows businesses to reach viewers on popular social networks for recruitment, networking, and marketing. Live video can also build trust by giving a sense of transparency and accountability to potential customers. Ultimately, businesses can unleash a whole new level of engagement and outreach by branching out into live streaming.

Live Streaming Equipment / Gear from cameras to photo lenses and accessories.

Make Live Streaming Work For You

When you make the decision to begin using live streaming for your business, it can feel a little daunting to figure out what kind of content is going to be the best for your company. The best bet is to let your audience be your guide. Think about the people you’d like to reach as you shape your goals for live streaming. 

Things to Consider:

  • Are you looking to build trust by creating transparency and authenticity? 
  • Are you planning to create a fun means of announcing news about your brand?  
  • Are you hoping to initiate engagement with your audience?  
  • Are you working from home and finding yourself in need of a way to communicate with your team members and staff?

It’s important to have a strategy for what you hope to achieve with live streaming. This way you can begin to plan your content. For example, if you want to integrate promotions or calls to action, it’s often beneficial to know that ahead of time. You can also show how your product is made, host a live Q&A, or make announcements by live streaming. Be creative! Find a way to implement live streaming that works for your business.  

Study other businesses’s live streams and decide what they are doing well. Learn from them and implement their best strategies into your own plan. It can also be advantageous to rehearse or record yourself before your first live stream. This will allow you to learn from your own practice, to see what you do well and what you’d like to improve on.

Trust Duneland Media to Handle Your Streaming Needs

The professional staff at Duneland Media has the knowledge and experience to take the hassle out of live streaming. We offer a variety of services, including device set-up, audio and visual troubleshooting, stream hosting, and comment management. Duneland Media is your local solution with the knowledge, expertise and skills to professionally live stream to your audience across more than 30 social platforms. 

Duneland Media has handled the live streams of local government, such as City Council and Public Works meetings. Ask-Me-Anything events are a great way to grab the attention of  your audience, and we have the know-how to help you create an interesting and engaging event. We also hosted the live stream of LSCO’s Hoosier Star competition and are working with Family Advocates on their first virtual gala.

The sky’s the limit in terms of what you can accomplish with live streaming. At Duneland Media we can help you strategize and execute a great live streaming plan. We’ll guide you through the process, handling all aspects of A/V setup, connectivity issues, comment management, and social media posting, and your video stream recordings can also be made available on your website and social media platforms, which means people can view the content at a later date.

Whatever your goals are for live streaming, Duneland Media can help.  Whether you’re looking to launch a podcast, live streaming an event, or looking to build a whole new website, we have the knowledge and skills to make your plans a reality.  You can learn more about our live streaming services here.