Make Your Website, Social & Video Pop with Mobile Optimization

Imagine: You have a beautiful website with expertly crafted content. Your website is designed perfectly, and you see sales daily directly from your website. Customers comment on how helpful and professional your website is. But when you visit your website from your iPhone, it looks messy. Buttons are overlapping, and one paragraph is not aligned with another. 

Or maybe you’ve seen a competitor’s social media page and found that the links they posted aren’t clickable. Their “about” section has a phone number, but it doesn’t dial the number when you press it. The videos they post are difficult to see because they are so small, and the captions over the video block some of the video text.

This experience happens with many websites, social media pages and videos. The reason is that content needs to be optimized for mobile use. Mobile optimization is the process of making websites, social media and video content that looks and works as well on a phone as on a laptop or computer. Unfortunately, because so many small business owners are focused on getting the right content and information, mobile optimization is usually the last item they address. Below, the media experts at Duneland Media explore four reasons you need to optimize your content for mobile ASAP.

Why You Need to Optimize Your Content for Mobile

Mobile-friendly content performs better on search engines.

When people search for your business – or the services your business providers – they get results on the search engine results page (SERP). Google and other search engines use algorithms to decide what websites appear first. The higher up a website appears, the more visitors and traffic it gets. And Google’s algorithm prefers websites that are optimized for mobile! That means your website will show up more on phones and computers when it’s mobile-friendly. 

Mobile optimization generates sales.

Customers and website visitors are likely using their phones to search for your business’s services and products. Data shows that 58% of Google searches are on mobile devices, meaning more than half of your potential customers use their phones to find your business, products and services. Additionally, because mobile optimization increases SERP scores, your websites will be pushed to more potential customers, generating more sales.

Mobile optimization increases customer satisfaction.

Your website visitors and social media followers expect certain experiences. They become dissatisfied when content isn’t delivered correctly on their phones. The more time they have to spend navigating your website on their mobile device, the less happy they will be. Optimizing your website, social media and video content for phones gives customers the experiences and information they need. In addition, optimization increases their satisfaction with your business and products, which can create loyalty over time.

Mobile-optimized websites are easy to share – which reaches a new customer base.

The final reason to optimize your website and social media is for sharing. Millions of users log on to social media daily. And they engage with website content, other social media pages and videos. If your website and social media have the right content – such as reviews, articles, contact information, etc. – visitors are likelier to share it on their personal pages. Shares from other users increase sales! 

How to Optimize Your Content for Mobile

There are numerous steps and strategies to optimize content for mobile. The first step for a website is using responsive design. Your website must adapt to the user’s view, which requires skillful programming on the back end. Another essential aspect of mobile optimization is website speed. You can increase your website’s speed by relying more on code than images – but you’ll still want images and videos that are relevant for users. Finally, valuable plug-ins on WordPress optimize your website for mobile use. 

Optimizing your website, social media and videos for mobile can be overwhelming. Fortunately, the expert team at Duneland Media has the skills and tools necessary to optimize your brand for mobile. Contact us today for a free estimate on your mobile optimization project!