Modern Content: AI Writing Tools for Better Content

Artificial intelligence – AI – is a branch of computer science that enables machines and computers to solve problems and design materials. AI is all around us, from Google Maps to Amazon Alexa. And now, AI has entered the content creation space. AI writing tools make your writing clearer, faster and more data-driven for better results. So what AI writing tools should you consider for your business? It depends! Below, we explore three things you should consider when picking an AI writing tool, along with our top three favorite services.

3 Things to Look for in AI Writing Tools

AI writing tools do many different things. As a result, they also come at various price points. The price depends on the features, accessibility and comprehensiveness of the tool. For example, a service that only checks for tone and clarity is cheaper than an app that writes entire paragraphs. Because different AI tools do various things, the best tool for your team depends on multiple factors. When looking for an AI writing tool, consider the following:

Who is using it? 

The type of AI tool you need depends on who on your team is using it. If you have a dedicated content person or group, your in-house writers won’t need a full-service AI tool to craft brand-new content. Instead, they might need a tool that improves clarity and tone, like Grammarly. But a more comprehensive service is better if your team operates without a content expert. Services like Jasper will create content based on prompts you input, which can fill the content gap if your team is understaffed.

How many people are using it?

The more people who use the service, the more expensive it gets. You pay for a set number of licenses with many AI tools, which determines how many people can use the tool. Additionally, more comprehensive writing services like Ryter take some learning. If you don’t want to train your entire team on the platform, the standard AI writing assistants that monitor tone and clarity are helpful. Hyperwrite and Wordtune are essential plugins that automatically check the grammar and writing basics for your team members, and they’re affordable options for larger teams.

What are you using the service to do? AI writing tools vary, from virtual assistants that correct grammar and check tone to services that craft new content based on your prompts. For example, Grammarly is ideal if you need more precise, concise emails or blog content. Also, Grammarly Business allows your company or team to access the same style guide, creating a consistent tone for your brand. Finally, if you want to improve your website SEO, Paragraph AI is an ideal full-service tool. Additionally, what you use the service for also impacts how many people will need access to it, influencing pricing and licensing.

Expert Opinion: Can You Really Rely On AI Writing Tools?

AI writing tools should be a part of your business. Whether you’re writing everyday emails or planning a month of social media posts, AI writing tools can reduce errors and increase success. However, these tools can still miss the mark, especially if you don’t have strong writers using them. It’s best to use tools that complement the skills and talents your team already has – but don’t rely on them. You still need great content ideas and a strong brand strategy to make them work. 

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