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Rank Higher With Local SEO: Google Business Profile Best Practices

Because the internet is expanding so quickly, businesses should be as active as they can through their Google My Business (GMB) profiles in order to boost SEO, improve engagement, and rank higher on Google searches. Coming from a digital marketing agency, the more involved you are online, the more reliable your company seems to be. Google determines local search rankings based on three factors including relevance, distance, and prominence. You should be trying to improve your prominence all the time by doing things like adding links, posting reviews, and further developing your website. Building trust with your audience can be done in a number of ways through Google My Business. The team at Duneland Media suggests that you follow these simple steps to rank higher with local SEO.

Claim Your Google Business Profile

Claim your business through Google Maps. It’s simple! Just open Google Maps on your computer. Then, enter your business name in the search bar. Once the correct business comes up, select it. Click the option that reads Claim this business. From there, you’ll be able to manage your account.

Complete Basic Information Immediately

As soon as you claim your business on Google Maps, a couple different aspects of your profile should be completed or reviewed for accuracy immediately. Your name, of course, is the most important one! Then, fill out your address, phone number, hours, and website.

Put More Thought Into Some Of Your Responses

After the basic information is in place, you’ll need to put some thought into answering the more complicated sections. Those might include pages such as products and services, from the business, category and attributes, and the consumer generated questions and answers. To optimize these pages and your credibility, use as many characters as allowed, be thorough, and do not repeat any information that has already been included in other sections.

Actively Participate In Answering Questions And Stay Updated On Publishing Content

Posts, reviews, and Q&As should be constantly updated. Google recommends that you add  at least one photo to your profile every week. Include things like interior shots, happy customers, and products. Do not use stock photos. Try to stick to good quality images coming straight from your brand. Reviews are a great way to build connections with your customers and enhance your online persona. Keep communicating with your audience at all times.